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faith-driven, music loving, creative thinking VA with a passion for serving other creative entrepreneurs



Hey there! My name is LeRoicia, but feel free to call me Lee. I'm a multi-passionate virtual assistant creating my own lane of opportunities in this post-pandemic world. 


I'm a virtual assistant creating effective systems that optimize backend operations and content strategies to help creative entrepreneurs connect and show up for their potential clients. My background in brand strategy, social media management and graphic design inform my creative yet strategic approach.

I'm fueled by my passion for helping businesses operate at their maximum potential. So many businesses are necessary and valuable to their respective communities, but they often lack the structure and need extra support in order to thrive. I'm that support. I'm driven by my faith and the ability to learn new and more effective ways to increase efficiency. If not taking a course on Skill Share or reading a book, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to improve my current knowledge and skillset.

My continued pursuit of knowledge and determination to turn an idea or goal into a plan of execution has contributed to my most recent success as a project coordinator of a branding agency. There, I led a team of creatives that produced a branding campaign for a podcast owner looking to elevate their business and increase their brand awareness on social media.

When I'm not working or learning something new, I'm sharing the word of God practically and authentically over on my blog. You can also find me scrolling through Instagram, watering my plants, listening to music, hanging with my loved ones and watching Tabitha Brown cook on YouTube — she's so amazing.

If you're an entrepreneur struggling to get tasks done throughout your busy schedule, or simply want to connect with me, feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram or an email if you want to keep it super professional.

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Things you should know

I love Jesus and performing mini concerts in my car

Plant in a Glass Bottle
favorite things
  • scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6
  • hobby: thrift shopping
  • tv show: Downton Abbey
  • movies: Mulan and Rush Hour I
  • bonus: my plant baby "Prudie"
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